Parish Feeding Scheme

The Parish Feeding Scheme collects money every 2nd weekend of the month and parcels are packed every 2nd Wednesday. 250 parcels are packed and distributed to the needy every month. Please give generously! 
Contact Jacki du Pont via the Parish office if you would like to volunteer to man the collection tables or help to pack the parcels.

The Feeding Scheme:

When the Feeding Scheme was started many years ago in the Parish, each family was asked to contribute R20 a month, being the equivalent of a meal in those days! Since then prices have escalated and the number of families in the Parish have increased but we find ourselves in “dire straights”. The 250 parcels which we pack on the second Wednesday of each month, to be distributed in the Alexandra Parish of Fr Cairns costs approximately R17,000. We collect about R10,000 at the tables and a few parishioners give us stop orders but we are not breaking even. Presuming we have 1000 families at R20 a month should give us R20,000. That is a better bet than cutting down on the 250 parcels which are really needed. How do you feel? For more information contact Jacki du Pont through the Parish Office. 

For more information, contact Jacki du Pont:
Tel: 078 6416564
Or Click Here to Contact Us

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