Give Yourself, Not Your Stuff 

God needs nothing. He wants you, not your stuff. Some people give all their stuff and withhold themselves. Others give themselves and their stuff naturally goes with the gift. 

Today, give yourself to God and don’t worry about how little stuff you have. God will be pleased if you give yourself. He can make all the stuff He likes ex nihilo. But He waits for the free gift of yourself in love. 

Give yourself to Him, with the help of the Spirit


Please give some of your time to help: 
• 30 minutes once a month to man the “feeding scheme tables”  after Mass 
• 30 minutes once a month to help in the repository after Mass 
• 2 hours once a month to mark jumble 
• 2 hours once a month to sell jumble 
• 2 hours once a month to pack food parcels 
• Once in six weeks to arrange the flowers in the Church 
• 2 hours per week to help teach sewing in the centre of concern 
• 3 hours once a year to sell charity Christmas cards 
• Once a year to help at the Christmas parties for the underprivileged
• Assist at Parish social functions

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